"Healing the pain...one plant at at time..."

Pain Potion Plus © (Henry's Blend) 8 ounce CREAM


Potion Plus © also known as Henry's Blend is a luxurious vegan and organic cream. 

The consistency of this cream is unbelievable!   A small amount goes a long way. 

The handsome root beer coloured jar is easy to transport and open and closes snugly. 

Here's the story behind Henry's Blend ©...Dear Dr. Tim, I am pleased to report that my husband, Henry and I have both experienced positive results from using the aroma therapy oils you created. The numbness and pain Henry has suffered as a result of his stroke have been significantly relieved by massaging his feet with the oils every evening. Even though I have had bilateral carpal tunnel releases, I have continued to have swelling, pain and stiffness in my hands. Applying your blend of oils to my hands, wrists and cervical spine causes the muscles to relax and the pain to subside. We feel our health and well being have been improved without the risk of side effects or prescription drug interaction. Thank you for allowing Henry and me to try aromatherapy! Mrs. Peggy Hinkle, North Carolina 2-4-2005

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